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This section is an archive of toolkits developed under T@sk Project.


This section collects the teaching materials used and/or developed during the training sessions included in T@sk Project
First Consolidation Training in Florence, June 25th – 29th, 2019
Social Work Education between indigenization and internationalization – Anna Maria Campanini (President of the International Association of Schools of Social Work – IASSW)
Stories of minors separated from their family – Margherita Forciniti, Raffaella Nurchis (OAS)
Social Work and Grounded Theory – Laura Bini, Margherita Forciniti (OAS)
Presentation of the Social Secretariat of the Municipality of Florence  – Alessandro Licitra (Segretariato Sociale – Comune di Firenze)
Perspectives on the Access to the Social Services – Francesca Minna (Segretariato Sociale – Comune di Firenze)
Tuscany Regional Social Observatory Action Plan – Silvia Brunori, Daniela Bagattini, Luca Caterino, Mariella Popolla (OSR – Regional Social Observatory)
Presentation of the Tenth report on gender violence in Tuscany – Silvia Brunori, Daniela Bagattini, Luca Caterino, Mariella Popolla (OSR – Regional Social Observatory)
Third Training Session in Elbasan “Qualitative and Quantitative Methodology for Social Workers”, January 28th to February 1st 
Supervision – Sheyla Moroni (University of Florence)
Assessment – Laura Bini (Ordine degli Assistenti Sociali Toscana)
A Project of Didactic Supervision – Raffaella Nurchis (Ordine degli Assistenti Sociali Toscana)
Towards Increased Awareness Responsibility and Shared Quality in Social Work – Eltona Tila  (Ordine degli Assistenti Sociali Toscana)
Assessment in Social Work – Jorge Ferreira (ISCTE- IUL)
Pedagogic Supervision – Maria Ines Amaro et al. (ISCTE- IUL)
The Triangular Supervision Model – AA. VV. (ISCTE – IUL)
Shkoder, International Conference “ACHIEVEMENTS AND CHALLENGES OF SOCIAL WORK PROFESSION IN ALBANIA”, October 19th, 2018
European Social Protection Systems in a Comparative Perspective  – Valeria Fargion (University of Florence)
Child Protection in Albania: Views from Abroad – Sheyla Moroni (University of Florence)
First Training Session in Tirana “Theoretical and Ethical Principles of Social Work”
Social work education in Spain – Andrés Arias Astray & Marta Blanco Carrasco (University of Madrid)
Theory and Ecological Models – Jorge Ferreira (ISCTE- IUL)
Training Profile – Jorge Ferreira (ISCTE- IUL)
Social Work Practice: The Challenge of Construction – Jorge Ferreira (ISCTE- IUL)
Theory in Social Work – Jorge Ferreira (ISCTE- IUL)
Introduction to Theory in Social Work – Maria Ines Amaro et al. (ISCTE- IUL)
The learning-teaching model – Maria Ines Amaro et al. (ISCTE- IUL)
Introduction to Community Social Work – Maria Ines Amaro et al. (ISCTE- IUL)

Preparatory session – Tirana, March 2018 

Social Work in Albania – Marinela Sota, Izela Tahsini (DSWSP, Universiteti i Tiranes)
Social Care System in Albania – Xhilda Papajani (Ministry of Health and Social Protection)