T@sk is a multilevel project

Its main aim is to update, modernize, and internationalise the Albanian Universities offering Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Social Work. University Lecturers – along with their administrative staff – will be the main promoters of the professionalization of the Albanian Higher Education Institutions in the field of Social Work developed by the T@sk project. Social Work students of the Universities of Tiran, Shkoder and Elbasan will benefit from the training and updating activities carried out by T@sk members through a direct involvement in the training sessions and an indirect gain of competences in the long run. T@sk Associated Partners (NGOs, municipalities, Third Sector representatives) will bring their expertise in the field in terms of Social Services organization and implementation. They will also benefit from training and updating activities, and they will share the expertise of their EU respective professionals during the sessions held in Albania.  


• Frontal lectures

• Seminars

• Workshops

• E- learning

• ICT expertise

• Cooperative learning methods (in group needs-identification; small group work; self-correction)

• Academic literature sharing and discussion

• Debates with national and international Social Workers


• Frontal lectures

• Participation in focus groups

• New teaching methodologies sharing and testing

• Active discussion on updated literature in Social Work

• Digitalization of the learning approach through the ICT

• New and more effective traineeship procedures

• Evaluation of the innovations in the courses’ syllabi


• Participation in training sessions in Albania

• Debate on Albanian and international Social Work and Welfare State organization

• Albanian and international best practices sharing

• Pooling of working procedures in the activities with children and women

• Discussion with political and social stakeholders

• Direct involvement in the students’ new internship procedures