Internship Procedures Meeting Lisbon

Internship Procedures Meeting, Lisbon, October 7th - 9th, 2019 The next meeting of the T@sk project is about to start! Representatives of the Universities of Florence, of the ISCTE, of the UCM and of the Professional Order of Social Workers of...

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Past Meetings

First Consolidation Training in Florence

The first T@sk Consolidation Training will be held in Florence: June 25st – 29th 2019.   After the successful conclusion of the first part of the training sessions held in Albania, a new phase is about to start! In June 2019 (25th -29th) the first consolidation...


15-20 October 2018 ICT Training Session in Shkoder

In a few days, the training program “Teaching and learning Social Work through the ICT” will introduce the participants to the digitalization of their teaching and research activities in the field of Social Work and Social Service Delivery.

First Preparation Meeting

In March 2018, T@sk organized its first Preparation Meeting: a general session in Tirana (5-7 March) and two parallel sessions in Shkodër and Elbasan (8-9 March).