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The Faculty of Social Work was founded in 1986. It currently has around 1500 students, 80 teachers and 30 administrative staff. Its academic offer includes a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and two Masters Degrees (Community Work and Research Techniques for Social Work). The Faculty also offers the only PhD program in Social Work available in Spain. The Faculty strategies for the future include the online teaching specialization and the use of the ICT in Social Work education. Further thematic areas will include gender studies, active ageing, social innovation, diversity, and mediation.
David Alonso, Steering Committee, Universidad Complutense Madrid

David Alonso

Steering Committee

David Alonso is Associate Professor at the Department of Social Work and Social Services at the Faculty of Social Work (Complutense University-Madrid). He holds a Bachelor in Social Work, a Master in Social and Cultural Anthropology and received his PhD in Social Work (Extraordinary Award).  His main research interests focus on social innovation, technology and social work, active ageing, international social work, e-pedagogy related to social work, social work with groups.

Andoni Alonso, ICT Committee, Universidad Complutense Madrid

Andoni Alonso

ICT Committee

Andoni Alonso  is Associate Professor at the Department of History of Philosophy, Ethics and Aesthetics  at the Faculty of Philosophy  (Complutense University-Madrid) . He has a Bachelor in Philosophy and a PhD in Philosophy. He has been Post-Doc Researcher at Penn State University and Research Fellow at Nevada University at Reno. His main research interests focus on Wittgenstein, STS (Science, Technology and Society), Computer Technology and the Internet.

Andrés Arias, scientific Committee, Universidad Complutense Madrid

Andrés Arias

Scientific Committee

Andrés is the Academic Coordinator of the Doctoral Program in Social Work, Director of GrupoLab – research lab on social work with groups – and Director of the Postgraduate course in Social work with Groups. Educated as a social worker (BA), as well as a clinical and social psychologist (Lic), he earned a Master’s Degree in Health Psychology, a Master’s in Psychoanalysis and a PhD in Social Psychology, He has been Assistant Professor at the Almería University (1994-1999) and visiting researcher at the Surrey University (1993), the Inholland University (2012), the Florida International University (2016) and at the RCC -Harvard University- (2017).

Marta Blanco, Quality Monitoring, Universidad Complutense Madrid

Marta Blanco

Quality Monitoring

Lecturer and researcher in the Civil Law Department of the Faculty of Social Work UCM. PhD civil Law. She has been working for 7 years as a Mediator in a Madrid Social Service where where she handled conflict issues and conflict resolution. She is the author of several publications and articles dealing with mediation and alternative dispute resolution systems. Marta is also Lecturer in the Mediation Master at the Faculty of Social Work.  Vice Dean of International Relations of the Faculty of Social Work (2010-2016) and Vice Dean of Studies and Quality at the same institution (2016-2018).

Sergio D'Antonio, ICT Commiettee, Universidad Complutense Madrid

Sergio D’Antonio

ICT Committee

Sergio D’Antonio is a temporary assistant lecturer at the Department of Philosophy and Society at the Faculty of Social Work (Complutense University-Madrid). His background is in Sociology and Social theory. He currently teaches “Ethics and deontology applied to Social Work” and “Social and Cultural Philosophy”).  His main research interests focus on the issue of scientific journals and their adopted knowledge frameworks; social innovation; Science Technology and Society Studies and social consequences of technology.