21 – 25 May 2018 First Training Session in Tirana

The netxt T@sk meeting will be held in Tirana: 21– 25 May 2018.  

Topic: Theoretical and empirical foundations of Social Work

Participants: Albanian Academic Staff, EU University members; Professional  Order of Social Work Tuscany Region.

Invited participants: Associated Partners of T@sk Project and all the Social Workers who would like to attend (please contact us!)

The meeting will be the first of the three training sessions in Albania. The second session will be hosted by the University of Shkodër (15-19 October 2018); the third session  will be held in Elbasan (10-14 December 2018). The overall aim of the training session will be to stimulate a scientific debate among European Union countries’ partners and Albanian academics on the principles, techniques, best practices and ethical questions related to Social Work teaching and Social Services delivery, to transfer the updated  skills to the students in Social Work, and to encourage the Albanian Social Workers to share the updating  according to the needs of Social Services’ users.

How does it work?

The training session in Tirana will last 5 days. During the morning, participants will discuss the scheduled topics; in the afternoon, the activities of the group will take place in the curricular classes of Social Work (Bachelor and Masters).

Which methodology will be adopted?

During the  morning,  the discussion on the scientific issues will be developed through frontal didactics and little groups work.

In the afternoon, the EU partners  will provide assistance and training to the Albanian lecturers on the basis of the cooperative learning and shadowing approach. Students will be actively involved through their participation in focus groups, exercises and evaluation of the teaching material.

Who can participate?

Morning sessions: Academic staff of the Albanian Universities, members of the Associated partners, interested stakeholders (upon request)

Afternoon session: Students, EU and Albanian lecturers.

Who will benefit from the training?

The Academic Staff of the Albanian Universities will be stimulated to a discuss on both theoretical and empirical aspects of the principles of Social Work.

The Students of Social Work will experiment new didactic techniques and updated material. Students will advise the trainers on their  specific learning needs

By participating in the morning sessions, the Associated Partners (NGOs and institutional partners) will be involved in the theoretical debate and will present the needs of the citizens in their existing social environment.