First Preparation Meeting

Tirana, Shkodër and Elbasan, 5-9 March 2018

In March 2018, T@sk organized its first Preparation Meeting. The meeting was divided into three sessions: a general session in Tirana (5-7 March) and two parallel sessions in Shkodër and Elbasan (8-9 March).

Topic: Assessment of the University curricula in Social Work of the three Albanian Universities;  estimation of the digital infrastructure needs of the University seats in Tirana, Shkodër and Elbasan; evaluation of the Social Services delivery in Albania. The activities were carried out through: conferences, workshops and field visits to the Social Services and to T@sk associated partners in the three cities.

Participants: T@sk members + Associated partners in Tirana, Shkodër and Elbasan.

Tirana 5-7 March,

General Session

8-9 March,

Session in Shkodër

8-9 March,

Session in Elbasan

8 March,

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