T@sk Official Presentation and Kick Off Meeting

Florence 7-10 February 2018

In February all partners of the T@sk project met in Florence for the first time in the evocative location of the Istituto degli Innocenti, founded in 1445 and known in the world as the first secular institution devoted exclusively to child care.

University lecturers, social workers and administrative staff spent three days together to define the organization and discuss the methodology of the T@sk project.


Topic: Official project opening with the participation of all T@sk members. Planning of T@sk future activities.

Participants: All members of the consortium

7 February,

Firenze, Istituto Degli Innocenti

Institutional greetings and presentation of all institutions participating in the project opened the first official collective working-day.

About 60 people including stakeholders from different cities took part in the first session. Among them: students, Social Services representatives, political and civic society representatives.

8 February

Firenze, Istituto Degli Innocenti

Q&A: procedural and technical issues followed by museum visit.

T@sk members visit to the Museum of the Istituto degli Innocenti guided by the Museum Director. A unique chance to learn more about how the idea of modern Social Services and Health Care system emerged as far back in history as 1445.

9 February  2018

University of Florence, Campus delle Scienze Sociali

Project’s Committees organization. Scheduling of the next meetings to be held in Tirana, Elbasan and Shkodër.